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Komera Creative Sewing Co-operative

Komera Creative Cooperative Sewing Center is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.  It is a sewing cooperative founded, administered and staffed by women who are survivors of the Rwandan genocide. Once you meet these incredible women, your life will be forever changed.


The mission of Komera Creative is to provide a vocational outlet for these women – all of whom suffered incredible loss and/or injury in the genocide – to earn a living wage for themselves and their families by sewing and creating clothing, blankets, and various handiworks which they sell to the global market. 


The more transcendent mission of Komera is to provide a safe location for women to find hope and reconciliation as they transition into post-genocidal life. 


Yambi Rwanda is a partner with Komera Creative raising funds for the Cooperative and seeks to highlight and promote healing of families in post-genocidal Rwanda.

You can find Komera Creative on Facebook  and 

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