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Sunzu Village Community is a small Rwandan village of approximately 3,500 people located outside of Musanze, Rwanda's second largest city.  Rwanda provides compulsory education for students through 8th grade.  The village includes more than 500 school-age children. While the villages have rudimentary public schools, they are typically overcrowded, underfunded, and inadequately staffed. Moreover, while the Rwandan government does provide limited funding for the public school, attendance still includes fees for supplies, mandated health insurance, etc. that are prohibitive for many students, especially girls.  There are a number of excellent (by Rwandan standards) boarding schools for middle and high school students in nearby Musanze, Kigali and other nearby locations.  A few individuals have already begun a program of sponsoring village children by either paying their public school fees or by paying the fees for them to attend one of the boarding schools.  Yambi Rwanda fundraises to create scholarships that  provide support both for public school fees and, to help those students who show the greatest promise and determination in public schools, for attendance at the local boarding schools.  These students are so incredibly grateful for their education and we realized they are the educated leaders of the future.

Sunzu Scholars

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