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Fair Child Deaf School Gets Water!

The Fair Child Deaf school in Musanze has water for the coming school year thanks to generous donations, we have sent (and they have received) the funds for the annual water bill. These funds were donated directly to the Water Company. The Director of the Deaf school is relieved and feels so blessed to know that this part of their budget is taken care of. The 2016 school year is upon us already. The new school year begins at the end of January. The most dedicated of directors, Elie Nduwayesu, is a remarkable man who feels determined and blessed to be able to care for so many deaf children. There were 60 new deaf children last year. There are plans to only add 10 more due to lack of means to take care of a big number of children. In Musanze and Burera districts, there are too many deaf children who need support. When we travel to Musanze in early 2016, we will be staying at the school and work with the students.

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