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"Sew" Great in Sunzu!

The Sunzu Village Project, which will house a Community Center/Library is just beginning new sewing programs in the rural village outside of Musanze. (Not to be confused with Komera Creative Cooperative in Kigali.) The Village Project is still under construction, but progressing quickly. While there was a sewing teacher and one sewing machine already in place, there was a great need to expand the women's sewing classes. The Sunzu Village Project will be a hub of learning, reading, tutoring, village meetings, and now economic opportunities.

Yambi Rwanda feels grateful to provide new sewing machines, needles, thread, fabric and other supplies. As you can clearly see, the women are eager to learn and so very pleased to be creating such beautiful garments, etc. We can't wait to see where this opportunity will take them.

A very happy student...

Making progress!

Two summers ago this was just a hillside--and now look!

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