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Greener Pastures in Sunzu Village

Yambi Rwanda is THRILLED to tell you that Sunzu villagers are the proud new owners of 12 new ewes and one very handsome ram named Rory. We determined that with the funds received we could purchase more sheep than we originally thought. Twelve of the most needy families were chosen, not only because they were in need, but because they were willing and able to care for and share their new gifts. These are some spectacular photos from last weekend when the sheep were "officlally" adopted by their new caretakers. In this case, you can see that the villagers were literally jumping for joy over their new furry family members. We owe big thanks to John Of Peace and Tom Allen for "sheep shopping". Rory, the new ram in town, will be cared for by John of Peace and has a lovely yard overlooking Lake Burera. He is one lucky dude. This project willl keep giving and giving as the new owners have agreed to "pay it forward". As soon as their ewes give birth to another ewe, they will determine another village member to receive the lambs.

We thank you for such important support as these little lambs provide nutritional security and help familes become more financially stable.

Meet our guy Rory!

Rory's incredible backyard.

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