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Bridge2Rwanda is an organization headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda and dedicated to the identification and support of Rwandan students in their pursuit of college education.  Based upon international college and university schedules, Rwandan students experience an effectively enforced “gap” year between the end of secondary school and any further education.  B2R identifies students from throughout Rwanda who have completed secondary school and who show both the aptitude and desire to further their education abroad and then return to Rwanda to help improve the lives of its people.  B2R provides assistance to these identified and selected students in preparing for the necessary exams (e.g., TOEFL, SAT, ACT) and in identifying and completing college and university applications.  It offers a year-long curriculum of enrichment and preparation and then assists the students in application, placement and sponsorship for 4-year post-secondary education.  As part of its education, outreach, and fundraising aims, Yambi Rwanda actively shares B2R’s story, mission, and seeks funding to sustain and expand B2R’s programs.

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